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Our store is open daily from 9am - 4pm
Our store is open daily from 9am - 4pm

Batchwell Kombucha 375ml

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$6.90 NZD

Not all kombucha is created equal....

Batchwell makes small batch kombucha and strives to make the MOST DELICIOUS and BEST PREMIUM QUALITY kombucha you can buy.

Batchwell's unique organic tea blend is handcrafted by them, and steeped in twice-filtered water. Their juice is lovingly cold pressed in their brewery. Batchwell always use organic fruits and vegetables where possible.


Batchwell is:
  • Certified Organic by Biogro
  • Raw and unpasteurised
  • Vegan; gluten and dairy free
  • Low in sugar
  • Never from concentrate
  • Stevia and Erythritol free
  • Bottled in amber bottles to protect the living goodness