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Our store is open daily from 9am - 4pm
Our store is open daily from 9am - 4pm

Peanut Butter - Pic's - Crunchy 380g

by Pics
$7.50 NZD

So what makes Pic’s so damned good? This hasn’t been easy to figure out but we think we're finally getting there: In 2007, when Pic was looking to buy peanuts by the sack, he came across Greg Bain’s website for his company, Premium Nut Brokers. We struck a deal and Greg sent us a couple of 25-kilo bags of blanched Australian peanuts.

At the time we thought a peanut was just a peanut but we soon discovered otherwise.  As we learned more about peanuts, we found that our Australian nuts were a Hi Oleic variety, which had some pretty special characteristics, beyond being, as the name suggests, a bit oilier than ordinary nuts. The best of these, in Pic's view, is that they don’t seem to oxidise – they never go rancid in the way that ordinary peanuts do. Hi Oleic nuts other feature is their enhanced nutritional value. You probably already know that peanuts are a bit of a superfood, full of life-enhancing polyunsaturated oils antioxidants.